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i'd really love to believe what that anon said but i just can't. it's like i could come here and say 'hey i was on glee live and after the show i saw chris and darren making out it's 111% true!!!!!!!' so yeah i just can't trust anons without any proof:/ i really would like to tho... but maybe (just maybe) this anon is telling the truth! let's really hope so!!!

I’m always really skeptical these things because it’s just so hard to know if they are being legit or not. Awesome if this anon is telling the truth though.

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I'm not saying that that Anon who knows about Will is correct but assuming it is then the "boyfriend" that Chris said he had in that interview can only be one person and we CC shippers know who that person could be 😉

Yup very true :)

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Do you think that Darren will officially come out once Glee is over?? Or, like, properly announce that he and Chris are together? Or do you think PR will still try to keep him in closet?

I think once his contract with FOX ends he’ll come out and I think once he does that stuff about him and Chris is gradually start to come out and then maybe they’ll confirm something. That’s how I see happening.

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Just thought you should know your CC masterpost provided me with hours of entertainment tonight :p How do people not see the love there? HOW??

Oh yay 😊 I’m glad you like it. Idek how people don’t see that Chris and Darren are together tbh. They are in deep denial if they can’t see there’s something between them

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'My sisters boyfriend works at image makers where Will used to work and they are friends somewhat'. Sounds just like when Chill shippers used to claim that their sister's boyfriend's cousin half removed saw Chris and Will making out and holding hands. Sounds like certain people are backtracking

It does sound really familiar alright

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It's ok. You don't have to believe me, I've just been dying to say something. I'm in the glee fandom, but I'm more of a Naya stan. But I have been sitting around watching people say Chris is dating this guy for over a year when I know that it's not true. The reason Will doesn't work at image makers anymore is because he was supposed to go work for another company but it never went through from what I know. That's why Chris is helping him out with a job I suppose. It's not permanent though.

I do appreciate you sharing this honey it’s just as I said I’m wary of anyone who claims info. But again thank you.

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I told my mom I didn’t wanna go to the store with her

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I’d like to introduce chillarrens to the spn fandom where they ship happily married men and tell them this is how fandom works get over it or leave.

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