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well, well, well, Chris and Darren are back in America. And they look so happy. Crisscolfer happy makes me happy too! Funny that we realized all this on the same day.

It’s just a coincidence nonnie ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

Happy Chris and Darren make me happy.

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Well now that Darren is back in the states, should we get ready for some Miarren?

Honestly idk. There’s been so little this hiatus. But I’m sure she’ll pop up again somewhere and as usual we will roll our eyes out of our heads and move on.

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Just wondering. Aren't those pictures of Chris and Will from last year. Why is everyone getting so excited about them. They don't even look like a couple just friends imo :)

They are lol it’s nothing new idk why people are now claiming to be worried about them.

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Dear Carmen, our lovely CrissColfer guru :-) Do you think that Darren is jealous or possessive (of Chris, obviously)?

Cult leader to guru lol

Oooh possessive Darren. Yes yes. I think they are possessive of each other.

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This has been said before but if the Chillarens were that sure their couples were real they wouldn't bother bugging CC shippers and spend time keeping track of what we do. I don't pay any attention to Chill or Miarren shippers or look at their blogs. Mainly because I'm sure of the CC relationship.

Exactly honey. I wouldn’t waste my time but they are obviously keeping tabs on us for some reason and if we are as delusional as they keep saying we are they wouldn’t bother.

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If we follow Chillers logic (Ha), then I must be dating not only my sister but also my Mum as I follow and like pics on their IG regularly. Hell Chris must also be dating Ashley and Alla as well since he likes their pics too. You know it is possible to just be friends and like a person pics. Sometimes their reasoning astounds me.

Haha! Yes. It’s possible to be friends except when it comes to Chris and Will.

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Hey Carmen, Chris drinking coffee in a bar? Where is that coming from? Please fill us in as we are feeling kind of clueless on that? Thanks Hon.

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Do you think Darren adopted Cooper with Chris?

Possibly yes. Darren took pics on his phone of cooper when he was on set. He wouldn’t be taking pics of his co workers dog lol it wouldn’t happen so either he’s around cooper a lot because it’s his boyfriend’s dog a lot or he did adopt him with Chris.

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What is this Chill manip with a heart? Is it new? Sorry I've been away from tumblr for a few days. Is there a link?

Not it’s not a new picture. They were taken at some stage last year http://crisscolferison.tumblr.com/post/93319709967/the-only-heart-pic-that-is-a-manip-is-the-kiss-one

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Hey Carmen, Did you hear that CCN who tags the blur of a shoe on a red carpet as 'will sherrod' and 'chill' is NOT posting Chris LIKING Will & friends IG at DLand? CCN is definitely ignoring them as they have new posts about Chris/Access Hollywood there. CCN are rabid chillers. They are NOT posting it bcos they got orders from the Colfer high command (Alla and her team) not to or they know Chris didn't LIKE the IG but someone else did it. Wonder why?? Either way, chillers got to be sweating NOW.

Seriously? I thought they would all over that. Well well well this is very interesting indeed.